100 Things

So since this blog is all about yours truly and I’m insanely vain, I want everybody know everything about ME. 100 facts.

(100) I am a girl. Ha. If you hadn’t already figured that one out, there ya go.
(99) I asked my husband for one word to describe me and he says, “Oh lord, that’s a hard question! One word to describe Courtney… “Masterpiece” or “Genius.” You see why I love this man?!
(98) I love to read.
(97) I can’t walk into a bookstore without buying a book. I think it is physically impossible for me.
(96) I want to own my own used bookstore. A quirky one that people will remember.
(95) I want to write a novel that I never see in my *used* bookstore. People will want to keep my book.
(94) I hate onions.
(93) I have diabetes type 2 and I think it blows.
(92) I secretly kindof liked the movie Crossroads.
(91) I want a tattoo but I’m too chickenshit.
(90) My tongue is pierced.
(89) My favorite perfume is Ralph Lauren Romance and I’m panicking because I’m almost out and the stuff is expensive.
(88) I love the color pink.
(87) I adore children and can’t wait to have my own.
(86) I’m needy. I’m always looking for confirmation that I’m an okay person.
(85) I’m terrified of having a little boy because I have no idea of how to raise one.
(84) I love Disney cartoons.
(83) I don’t really like dogs. They’re okay… but cats are way better.
(82) Buying shoes is an addiction.
(81) I would sleep with Johnny Depp in a heartbeat.
(80) I think Marilyn Monroe is one the most fascinating people that ever lived.
(79) I collect anything with Marilyn on it. Books… purses… posters, everything.
(78) Leopard print is the bomb.
(77) I still use out-dated sayings like “the bomb.”
(76) My mom died when I was 14 year old from breast cancer.
(75) I don’t do regular self-exams because I’m terrified of what I might find.
(74) I’m an internet junkie and don’t really care that people think I’m a geek because of it.
(73) I need to lose about a million pounds.
(72) I hate talking on the phone.
(71) People annoy me. Most of the time, I’d rather read a book.
(70) My birthday is August 5th. I’m a LEO.
(69) I still smirk when I hear 69 because I’m just that mature.
(68) I own a New Kids On The Block Greatest Hits CD.
(67) I love techno music and country.
(66) Driving in Vancouver scares the crap out of me.
(65) My favorite ice cream is either Half-Baked by Ben and Jerry’s or Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. But Double Fudge Brownie is up there, too…
(65) I’d rather have potato chips than chocolate on most days.
(64) My newest accessory weaknesses are big chunky necklaces.
(63) I wish my boobs were smaller.
(62) I wasn’t a big hockey fan until I moved to Canada, now I cheer on the Vancouver Canucks whole-heartedly. (When there’s not a lock-out!)
(61) I was just told I’m going to be a bridesmaid which makes me beyond excited. I thought I’d never be invited to be in anyone’s wedding!
(60) I would like to be able to go horseback riding soon.
(59) I want to own my own horse.
(58) I collect cool advertisements from magazines.
(57) I think Jennifer Crusie is a goddess.
(56) I can quote Princess Bride in its entirety.
(55) Scary movies piss me off because they terrify me so badly.
(54) I have to sleep with a light on after reading a scary book. Yet I continue to read them.
(53) I really want my friend Brian to read Sir Apropos of Nothing but he keeps putting it off. Putz.
(52) Eclectic is my favorite word.
(51) I can’t stand George W. Bush.
(50) I think my dad is one of the most amazing men on the planet.
(49) Prozac Nation is one of my favorite books and was long before they started making a movie of it.
(48) I’m a book snob- I don’t like books after they become too popular, eg. Practical Magic, Harry Potter.
(47) My favorite board game is Cranium.
(46) I love to play Crib.
(45) I suck at all video games except for Sonic The Hedgehog from Sega.
(44) I think they should bring Bubble Bobble back for XBox.
(43) I can no longer say that I hate all reality TV because I’m addicted to The Amazing Race and Survivor.
(42) I hate any reality TV show that makes a mockery of marriage and peoples’ relationships.
(41) I’m a cheap drunk.
(40) I asked Brian to describe me in one word and he said, “Kind.”
(39) I laugh when other people trip on the sidewalk. But not out loud.
(38) I was a staffer on Compuserve’s YDrive back in the day.
(37) I can sleep for insanely long periods of time.
(36) I really want to go to Australia. In particular, Kangaroo Island ONLY because it is named Kangaroo Island.
(35) My favorite holiday is the 4th of July.
(34) I’m American but I’m living in Canada with my Canadian husband. In case you were confused.
(33) I love being on the water. One day, I will own a boat.
(32) I took a photography class in highschool and loved it. I would love to have a darkroom to work in.
(31) I drink about a million cans of pop a day. Diet, of course, because of the diabetes.
(30) I will do anything for a back rub.
(29) I also took a stained glass class in highschool and loved it. Another thing I’d like to do if I had the materials.
(28) When I about 1 years old, still sleeping in a crib, I reached through the bars and had a hey-day with the baby powder that was within reach. I have the pictures to prove it.
(27) I had to go to speech therapy in grade school because I couldn’t say anything with a “th” or an “r” or a “ch” very well. I still have a hard time with words like worm.
(26) I’m really not as big of a dork as this list makes me sound like.
(25) I hate coffee. But I wish I could like it.
(24) I lost my virginity to a guy named Huckleberry.
(23) I adore Christina Aguilera.
(22) I went knee-boarding once and almost drowned. That was 10 years ago. I haven’t done it since but I think it might be about time to try again.
(21) I can’t stand being cold. I think summer should be a permanent season.
(20) I get really excited when I get emails that are actually real letters. If you want to make me really happy you can email me at courtney.slavin@gmail.com.
(19) I hate making idle chit-chat with the hairdresser. Just shut up and cut my hair already.
(18) I love to give people compliments. It makes people happy and it makes me happy in turn.
(17) When I get really depressed, all I want to do is sleep.
(16) I’m indecisive. Don’t ever ask me to make an important decision on the spot. It’ll be bad news.
(15) I want to drive a red Volkswagon bug with black spots on it with a customized license plate that says “Lady B”
(14) I used to drive a VW SuperBeetle that was named, “The Little Bugga That Could.” She had a hard time on steep hills.
(13) I cry every time I watch “My Girl.”
(12) I cry every time I read any of Nicholas Evans’ books. The Horse Whisperer, The Loop, and The Smoke Jumper.
(11) I can’t believe how insanely difficult it is to come up with 100 things about yourself.
(10) Seattle, where I used to live, is my favorite city in the world.
(09) I’m incredibly amused by the local news stations’ helicopter, “Chopper9.” You have to say it really fast like Molly Shannon from SNL would. Chopper9. Hee. I’m laughing right now.
(08) I think Buffy The Vampire Slayer was one of the greatest shows to ever be on TV.
(07) I used to take kickboxing classes.
(06) I own more than 5 pairs of flip-flops.
(05) I sing in the car. Loudly. Badly.
(04) I will NEVER sing karaoke. No matter how drunk I am.
(03) I don’t get mad very often but when I do? It’s NOT pretty.
(02) I love Denny’s cheese fries with ranch. Mmmm.
(01) I may live in Canada, but shoot me if I ever say, “Eh.”

Yay! 100 things. Anybody else want to contribute anything significant about me I’ve left out?

6 thoughts on “100 Things

  1. ok, I’m slacking at work so now I read your 100 things, and I also abhor it when hairdressers talk to me. I don’t know you, leave me alone…

  2. ok, now that I finished my list I am going to do my comments on yours…

    100. me too.:)

    91. Tatoo’s… I have 2 why didn’t I put that on my list?

    55. Scary movies…Me too, a friend and I once watched 3 scary movies on halloween. dumbest damn thing we ever did.

    48. Book snobbery… me too, one of the many reasons I didn’t like Oprah’s book club, but I love Harry Potter. Its the ex-teacher in me.

    40/39. laughing at people tripping and brian calling you kind. Kind of contradictory huh?

    31. Diet soda… I only drink diet soda, not because I have to, but because I hate how sweet regular soda is.

    19. Hairdressers… No crap! I just want them to shut up and massage my scalp already. I think if I I lived in a small town and knew the stylist well and we were gossipping that would be different..

    Also a very long comment

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