High School

It’s back by popular demand (or really just my strange desire to humiliate myself), high school dance photos!

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So this first picture isn’t even me, but really this is a beauty of a dance photo. This is my old friend Michelle. She was not thrilled by her date and was apparently not prepared for the flash. The raised eyebrows, the deer-in-the-headlights look. I *love* it. Hee.

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My picture from the same dance. I think my date’s name was Ryan. Maybe? I don’t remember. I worked with him at Frankie’s Pizza for the short time I felt the insane need to work in that place. If I had better posture the dress might have been more flattering. Oh well. I was skinny, what do I care?

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Michelle and I with our respective dates for our Tolo dance. You and your date are actually supposed to dress alike but we switched it up and Michelle and I dressed alike and left Quentin and whatever Michelle’s date’s name was, Casey- I think, to their own devices. I adore Quentin. He was such a fun guy. I wonder where he’s at now. Hmm.

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My high school sweetheart and me at the prom. Awww. He was a *really* good guy. We were together through my first year of college and then the military shipped him off to Korea and our already shaky relationship crumbled. I’m actually looking for him, if anybody knows where Raymond Crites is? Let me know, please. He’s still active military, from Maryland? Anybody? Didn’t think so. I have his infantry ring that I’d like to give back to him some day…

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This is probably my favorite picture from all of high school. Jacquee, my best friend, is the girl standing next to me. Amy is the girl sitting next to me. Charlie was Jacquee’s high school boyfriend, he’s to the left of her and my hand is on Ray. I *love* this picture.

All the rest of my dance photos are in a scrapbook so they’re not really scannable for the time being but we’ll see. I have a great picture of me playing the drama queen in my prom dress that I’m trying to find. Once I do I’ll scan it as well. This is fun. What next?


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  1. I heart that first picture…quite interesting 🙂 Hee hee…sorry if you are reading this girl in the picture, but it’s funny! But I still heart you.

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