Now you get to learn a fun fact about me. I read WAY too much into everything. I know that I do it and yet, I can’t stop. Basically I made a suggestion to a group I’m a part of and it was vehemently rejected by a person I idolize and then a moderator came in and reiterated how stupid my idea was and now I feel like the worlds biggest idiot.

I know it’s probably not as bad as I’m making it sound but I was just taken aback by how strongly these people felt about NOT doing my suggestion (and no, I don’t think everybody should think all my ideas are good ones…). It just reminded me of why I don’t speak up a lot with new and original ideas. I’m terrified of rejection.

And I take it poorly and over-react. Like I’m doing now. And I know it. And I can’t stop. Argh.


2 thoughts on “Hyper-Sensitive

  1. and you already know what i’m going to say, and that is that those of us who know you know that you are a brilliant girl, and sometimes, not everyone recognizes brilliance. so there, you’re my bestest buddie, and i think you’re really smart, so if they don’t like it… well, pooie on them! 🙂

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