Now That I've Been Dubbed "The Llama"

…I am surrounded by llamas. Everywhere I go, I see the damn animals. I went to my best friend Jacquee’s for the half of the weekend and on the way out to her place? Yup. A llama farm. Then Jacquee and I take a break from writing to prowl Goodwill for cheap books. What do I find?

Image hosted by

No, I have not photoshopped anything. That is the book as it is. What’s it about, you say? Let me tell you. It’s about a greedy girl named Fritzi who wants a piece of her mother’s thriving business… Llama Land. The last sentence on the back of the book?

“Will her love of material wealth ever be supplanted by the only love that lasts- the love that built Llama Land- the love of her Heavenly Father?”

What were these people thinking?


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