What's On My Desk?

Beatrice wants to know.

It’s a small desk and yet, somehow, I manage to amass large quantities of junk on it.

Currently there is:

A set of speakers for the computer.

A stack of CDR’s.

A mini aluminum stackable storage-type thing (you like that description?) that I got when working at T-Mobile.

A box of floppy discs.

Pictures that I recently scanned and haven’t put away yet.

A notepad.

The checkbook I just balanced.

A calculator.

A hole punch.

A black pen.

A Betty Crocker Heart Healthy Meals Magazine.

My quote journal.

The USB cable for my digital camera.


A 3-drawer storage unit filled with scrapbooking odds and ends- stickers, photo corners, ribbon, beads.

My address book.


A vanilla candle.

The computer monitor.

The August issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine.

The copier/printer/scanner that I adore and that needs a new ink cartridge.

And, randomly, a battery.

The keyboard and mouse are on a pull-out thing so technically they aren’t ON the desk but… whatever.

I ask the following 4 people to do this… Aurora Baker, Cassidy, Meghann, and Toni.


4 thoughts on “What's On My Desk?

  1. NOOOOOOO!!! Courtney, how cruel! Tell you what: I leave this task for YOU when you come in to work with me tomorrow morning. YOU See if you can get to the bottom of al the shit thats on this desk, and hey, you can probably create a whole new BLOG just for it!

  2. alright llama… although i haven’t talked to you for two whole days (because really, that’s a lot for us)… it’s done! 🙂

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