Help Marianne

Please help author Marianne Mancusi rebuild. Marianne returned from the National RWA Conference this weekend in Reno to find that her home was struck by lightning and had burned completely. She lost everything.

The Literary Chicks are holding an eBay auction offering up critiques from well-known authors to raise funds. As soon as the auctions go up I’ll link to them.

Any books you’d like to donate to Marianne or gift certificates to Target to help her replace lost items can be sent to:

Marianne Mancusi
PO BOX 8003
Boston, Mass 02114

Please, please help if you are at all able. Just one book to rebuild a collection or a $5 gift card to Target will help immensely.

One thought on “Help Marianne

  1. To add to Courtney’s plea: even if you haven’t read Marianne Mancusi’s fabulous book A Connecticut Fashionista in King Arthur’s Court, there are other good reasons to participate in the auction. First, there’s that lovely warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you help someone else. And, if you’re not as altruistic as that and you need something more tangible, thing of all the neat stuff you could win! Signed copies of terrific books! A book character named after you! Manuscript critiques by respected authors, agents and editors! Hope to see everyone on e-Bay, bidding away.

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