Kitty Cats

Here are the requested pictures of the cats that rule my home.

Image hosted by
Sweetpea as a baby cuddled up to Sadie.

Image hosted by
Sadie Hiding By The Bed

Image hosted by
Callie Sleeping With Her Tongue Out

Image hosted by
Sweetpea’s Close-up

19 thoughts on “Kitty Cats

  1. CORNY! My auntie Brenda said to try Natural Miracle…or Life’s Miracle – I can’t remember what kind of miracle it is, but apparently it will work wonders, it’s a spray. You can ask gfor it at the vet, the pet store, or Brenda said she’d just give you some. Let me know, let’s try it!

  2. Great photos, Courtney! Thanks for posting them. The one of Sweetpea as a kitten is absolutely adorable. And I can’t believe Callie sleeps with her tongue out like that!

  3. Beautiful cats you have there. My dog will sometimes sleep with her tongue out as well and when I see this, I’ll go pull on her tongue and she’s like whatever and leaves it out lol

  4. aww your cats look adorable!!!

    my girlfriend wants to get me a kitten for my birthday, but sadly i can’t keep one where i am currently living and i don’t anticipate moving for another 3-4 months yet!

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