Cast & Crew

I read yesterday that someone hates it when people name-drop in their blogs. You know, “The other day Bob, Suzy, John, and I all went to blah blah blah.”

I realized that not only do I hate that, too (who the frick are these people and why am I supposed to care?), but that I do it as well.

So I’m introducing the cast list that is going to be given a home on the sidebar when I figure out how to make it look all neat and spiffy. In the meantime, it is going to be right here (with a ghetto-style temporary link on the sidebar).

Derek: My husband. I try not to pick on him too much here because it makes him all sad and then he gets pouty. We met when he DJ’d at Cheers nighclub in Canada and I drove to Canada all the time to take advantage of the lower drinking age. Actually, I me this roommate and dated his roommate first. Then I dated Derek, loved Derek, and married Derek. He drives a truck for an environmental recycling company (recycling things like oil, antifreeze, and other hazardous crap), and DJ’s at The Delta Lion pub on the weekends.

Jacquee: My best friend. We went to high school together and keep in touch on a regular basis. Her boyfriend is Toby. They live in Alger together and her name will probably come up fairly regularly.

Cassidy: Another best friend. She was actually one of Derek’s best friends in high school. Funny, Derek was terrified that Cassidy and I wouldn’t get along and now we probably get along even better than they did back in the day. Cassidy has her own blog that can be found here.

Meghann: And yet another best friend. She lives in Bellingham with hubby Daryl. We met working at a call center for T-Mobile. We bonded over difficult customers and a boss named Chuck. And Fareed. Meghann’s blog is here.

Brian: My best on-line, long-distance buddy. We met back in the yDrive forums a loooong time ago and have been very close ever since. Even if he won’t read the damn book I sent him over a year ago. Brian’s never-updated blog is here. Go leave him a comment asking him to post something please.

Marianne: Friend and the woman that I babysit for. Her children, Cameron and Holly, are some of my favorite kids ever.

Kimmy: My sister. She’s cute, young, and stupid. What can I say? Okay, maybe not always stupid, but we do have a lot of disagreements over life choices. What are sisters for? I love her like crazy and just never want to see her hurt.

Brenna: My step-sister. She’s learning how to drive now! That makes me feel old considering the almost 10 year age gap.

Sweetpea, Sadie & Callie: The cats. Nothing much more to say about them. I love them to death, but lord are they obnoxious sometimes.

More to be added as needed.

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