Goooo Me!

I don’t have these kinds of days very often, so I figure when I have them I should post them, right? Well, I was feeling pretty proud of myself yesterday for assorted reasons and here they are:

(1) I took apart the computer by myself and installed a new NIC without any help. May not be major to some people, but I was scared to death of unscrewing something unscrewable and then really, uhm, screwing things up. But I didn’t. So I rock.

(2) I’ve lost 5 lbs in the last 2 weeks. Yahoo!

(3) I made myself a new avatar using Photoshop. Photoshop, thus far, has been a mystery to me so anytime that I actually create something using it, I’m thrilled.

(4) Again with the Photoshop- I redid Cassidy’s head on a body posing with Johnny Depp and it looked way better than the first one I did. So I’m making progress.

(5) I took the plunge and decided to get bangs cut and, for the most part, I actually like them. Yay for risk-taking! Next is the big dye job where I go way way dark. Professionally done so my damn red highlights stop coming through.

So that’s it, but it made me feel really good and all confident and shit for a few brief moments in time, and I thought I should share. Yay me!