That Time Of Year

I don’t know what it is about Christmas, but I really am torn about the whole season in general. My attitude varies daily. I hate it, I love it, I hate it, I love it.

I adore making my friends and family happy by finding the perfect gift for them. I work really hard to listen tothem and to try and figure out what they love so I can get them something that they haven’t asked for, but that they really covet. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes not, but it’s one of my favorite parts of the holidays. Finding the perfect gift.

At the same time, I hate how commercial the holiday has become, and that’s not because I’m religious. I’m not religious. It just seems as though every year the ads and the hoopla and the people screaming, ‘Buy! Buy! Buy!” start sooner. Soon we’ll be getting earfuls of Christmas in September.

I like Christmas decorations when they’re tastefully done. The lobby of my apartment is so not tasteful. Take a look. Click on the image to see the full size version if you’re brave.

Lovely, isn’t it? I especially like the little stuffed office dude in the sleigh. Did you see him? He’s shoved behind all the packages. Decorating is nice and all, but holy Christmas, batman. The pictures don’t even do the nightmare justice. It’s truly hideous.

I enjoy seeing my family over Christmas as generally it’s the only time of year that I really get to spend any time with them. My parents moved to Idaho a year and a half ago and I’ve seen them approximately three times since they’ve moved. But on the same token, I don’t generally get along with my sister and my step-mother so well. I love my sister to death, but I’m frustrated by her so easily because I see her making a lot of the same mistakes I did when I was younger. I hate sitting and watching helplessly as, of course, she won’t listen to me. My stepmom and I are a lot better now than we were in high school. In fact, you probably wouldn’t know that we’ve had a rough history except for the fact that we’re not close. We generally act pretty formal around each other. So I love seeing them for the holidays, but sometimes it can be frustrating. Is that the way it always is with family?

This year, in particular, Christmas has become frustrating because of all the politics surrounding it. Who the hell cares what you call the damn tree? In all seriousness, it’s been called a Christmas tree for only god knows how long already, why can’t we just leave it? I don’t understand why things have to be so damn PC all the time. It drives me nuts. If you’re not religious, don’t celebrate it, or celebrate it like I do in a purely non-religious fashion. I use Christmas as a time to be close to my friends and my family and to show my appreciation for them in a way that I can’t afford to do the whole year through.

I love Christmas cards. Last year, I meant to get out a whole bunch of them, but I procrastinated and never ended up doing it. I had all the cards addressed and ready to go, but they never made it to the post office. This year I didn’t mail out that many as I decided to skip mailing them out to family. It really made me realize how distant I am, physically, from all my friends. Out of the thirteen cards I mailed, only one of them stayed in Canada. That one? It was mailed to my landlord along with the checks for the next three months. I do have a few more to write up and mail that will go to Canada, but it really made me homesick again.

I don’t know if I’ll ever make up my mind about Christmas. I just wish that the stores would stop their pushing, and that politics would get its head out of the holidays. Maybe then I’d be able to enjoy it a little more than I do. Maybe I enjoy it more than I realize.


9 thoughts on “That Time Of Year

  1. The place looks so cute! I’m with you on the Christmas tree thing. I really don’t see the big deal about it.

    LOVE the new digs! 🙂 I wanna get my own domain. Someday.

  2. A holiday tree. Along with holiday lights and holiday parties. Bleeeccccchhh!

    C’mon Court, there was nothing too tasetful about the way we decorated our house last christmas…do you still have pictures of it?

  3. PS Courtney, whats up with the time on the comments? Its not the biggest deal in life, but I noticed it tagged my comment at 3:59 a.m….what the fuck am I doing at work at 3:59 a.m.??? It is now 2:44 p.m. by my clock..

  4. Zube- Thanks! I love it here, too. Christmas Tree, Holiday Tree, what’s the bloody difference? You like it?? You’re nut.s 🙂

    Toni- They want to call it a holiday tree instead of a Christmas tree. Which strikes me as especially funny because holiday comes from “holy days.” Way to take the religion out of it, geniuses.

    Cassidy- Our house in the Moody-berg wasn’t tasteful at all, but we were TRYING to be tacky. We didn’t think it looked all lovely and super, like the people in my apartment building seem to think our lobby looks. And I think I fixed the time stamp thing, but now it shows you posted that at 4:15am. Hmm.

  5. Oh. My. God.

    Christmas vomited all over your lobby, huh.

    I eventually found the dude in the sleigh. It reminded me of Where’s Wally.

  6. Deb- Gross, isn’t it?? Where’s Wally. Hee. He’s now named Wally in my house, too, because that was just too funny. Is it Wally in Australia? It’s Where’s Waldo here.

    Brian- Er. Right.

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