What Don't You Know?

So. I need to think up five things that you people don’t know about me. I’m thinking…

(1) I adore pajama pants for lounging around in, but I can’t sleep in them. I wiggle a lot in my sleep and slide down the bed so my head is off the pillow and my feet are hanging over the bed, and in the process the pants bunch up around my knees and I wake up uncomfortable and tugging them back down.

(2) I like my showers hot hot hot. So hot that I’m bright pink when I step out.

(3) Most people who know me also know that people make me anxious and I’m very very concerned with what others think of me. Most of my friends may not realize that I’ve really been that way for as long as I can remember. In fifth grade I had the biggest crush on a kid named Mike Strauss. It turns out he liked me back, as I was to discover in one of those his best friend called my best friend and asked me out for him through her. (Could I say that in a more confusing way?) I said yes and was all smiles and giggles- until we got to school the next day. Then I remembered that he was the biggest geek in school and while I wasn’t popular, I wasn’t picked on either. I opted to ignore him so as to avoid ridicule and thus missed out on holding hands with my very first crush. All because I was so concerned of what other people thought.

(4) I’m a good cook when I try. I don’t try very often because I get bored cooking elaborate meals. And I hate the cleanup.

(5) There are two songs that will make me cry without fail. The first is Love, Me by Collin Raye. The second is Tears In Heaven by Elton John. Tears In Heaven makes me cry because I remember requesting it on the radio for my mom a few weeks after she passed away. Funny, the first song I heard after finding out that she had died was Sheryl Crow’s Santa Monica. It’s strange the things you remember.


3 thoughts on “What Don't You Know?

  1. I knew about the PJ pants and the cooking. I didn’t however, know about the Tears In Heaven song. Did you know I used to sing that in competitions? I still have the music and everything…good thing we didn’t play THAT one at my grandma’s funeral!

  2. Cassidy – Tears In Heaven gets me. Sometimes I can hide it, but I normally don’t listen to it. Unless I really feel like crying. I was already bawling at your grandma’s funeral!

    Zube – I love them, too. To me, it’s like getting to know the person offline. I like it.

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