Project People

I’m undertaking yet another project because apparently, I just can’t get enough of projects. So to add to 52 Books, Top 10 Lists Weekly, NILTOY, and Blog Advance, I’m introducing Project People.

This is a spin-off of Marie’s 40 x 365 project that she found elsewhere. Here is a quote from the project’s creator explaining exactly what it is.

I’ll write 40 words (no more, no less) every day for a year, and each day I’ll write about a different person (in no particular order–in fact, in a shuffled order) who touched my life in some way. But not just anyone, it’s got to be someone I’ve actually met in person, someone whose name I still remember, and someone who was interesting.

I’m terribly afraid that I won’t be able to think of 365 people, so I’m modifying the project in that I’m going to try to post one a week, but I’ll make it more than 40 words. How long will I do this for? Well, hopefully it will be endless and I’ll continue meeting people who interest me. Wish me luck!


10 thoughts on “Project People

  1. I’m actually finding that it’s easier to come up with people, now that I’ve decided to alter my rules a little and talk about people that I’ve met on the Internet as well as in person.

    Good luck with your project!

  2. Hmm. sounds like a great project, one I am interested in, but not able to start right now, cause it’d probably take up some of my time on FEBRUARY 25TH or MARCH 4TH for christ’s sake!

  3. Caryn- I think it’ll be interesting to see who comes up. I just have to remember that they only had to have made an impact- it didnt have to be a good one.

    Toni- I thought the same thing!

    Marie- Heh, I think if I left off people I’ve met online, I’d be in big trouble.

    Megs- Thanks! Yeah, I think it will be neat to reflect on people throughout my life.

    Cassidy- Hahaha. You and your damn double-bookings.

  4. I love this idea! What a great project!

    I’m just getting back into gear on the blog thing so I am reading in posting order so I have no idea if you’re still posting these or not. I sure hope so!

  5. Carly- It’s a good one and it makes you think about people who have touched you in various ways throughout life- negative and positive. I’d love to see you give it a try! I’m definitely planning on keeping it going.

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