#1 – Pamela

My mother was a beautiful round woman with love to go around. She loved bunnies and collected figurines. She was crafty and had a massive rubber stamp collection. She made stuffed bunnies and sold them at craft bazaars with her best friend, Marilyn. She cried when she lost her hair to chemotherapy, but was brave for her daughters. She spent a large chunk of the last year of her life making quilts for her daughters to treasure her after she left this earth. Pamela was well-loved and is missed. Especially by me.

My mom at her surprise 40th birthday party.

The day before she had surgery to have her breast removed.


15 thoughts on “#1 – Pamela

  1. Caryn- Thank you. And yes, I do.

    Toni- Thank you.

    Marie- Thanks.

    Cassidy- It is, it’s one of my favorites and I wonder what was she thinking. What DO you think when you’re about to lose a breast?

    Megs- Thanks and she was fantastic!

  2. Court,
    My family misses your mom so much. Mom still laughs and then tears up every time she thinks about her; she loved her sense of humor and misses it.

    Also, Christine and I have little stuffed bears that she made us! Mom kept them at her house because she couldn’t bear (no pun intended, ha) to give them up. I remember the quilts she made you and Kimmy, too….(ever since then I have wanted my mom to make me one, too) What an amazing keepsake and tribute for you to have.

    Also, I am proud of you for getting involved with finding a cure…even if it does mean you have to raise a butt ton of money and walk your legs off down to the nub to do it!! 🙂 You can count on us to donate some cash to the fund, on top of all our love and prayers for you and Kim (and your dad, too). We miss you guys a lot.

  3. Alex- Thanks, honey. I know you guys miss her too. I can’t wait till we can hang out again- it’s been a long time. I appreciate you guys supporting Kim and I. I remember those stuffed bears she used to make…

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