Terrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day

Not having the greatest day in the world. I woke up to the annoying sounds of a faucet dripping in the kitchen and the cat repeatedly whacking a plastic stick against the wall. Did I mention repeatedly? While I was about to get up anyway, I prefer to wake up to the soothing sound of NOTHING. Not an alarm, not a cat, not a dripping faucet.

I took my shower, I lazed around in my towel for awhile then realized the heat wasn’t on the house and I was freezing my poor ass off. I got dressed and realized my pants are a smidge tighter than I remembered. I went to make food and, in my absent-mindedness, turned the wrong burner on, successfully melting a plastic utensil onto a cookie sheet. Both of which are now ruined.

On top of all that, I am muey stressed about my best friends rapidly approaching wedding. Will I fit into my bridesmaids dress? Will we have enough money to cover all of our wedding expenses? I swear, we’re spending nearly as much as the happy couple. How are we going to get our hotel room without a credit card? Stress, stress, stress.

Whine, whine, whine.

Now I have about an hours time before I need to head over to home of a woman I can barely stand to watch her two small children and hope- hope against all hopes- that they are good and go to bed early enough to let me watch Survivor in peace.


6 thoughts on “Terrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day

  1. It always gets better. Tomorrow you’ll get a great letter in the mail or extra change from the grocery store clerk.

    Are you not so excited about the wedding??? Spill…

  2. Caryn- Well, it got worse before the day ended what with missing the bus and not having a ride and panicking about being late…. but today is a new day and it will be great.

    Carly- I am excited about the wedding, it’s the being broke afterwards that I’m not excited about. And the stress of making sure we have enough money leading up to it.

    Toni- Meh. It’ll get better.

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