#5 – Emily

Emily was loud and had a complete disregard for convention. She was my good friend in junior high and I was hurt when she accused me of having no backbone. She was right, but that wasn’t the point. When my stepmother and I fought and I tried to run away from home, Emily was who I ran to. I knew her mother would let me stay there and wouldn’t rat me out to my parents. Emily was my concert buddy and I developed my fondness for a live show because of her.


2 thoughts on “#5 – Emily

  1. This was a totally sweet entry and no one commented. What a bunch of haters! Why you hatin’, fools! You just hating cause you’re haters, go drink your haterade somewhere else!

  2. Brian- Heh, I don’t know about sweet, but no comments. Except yours. But that’s okay, because I like doing this and I don’t expect comments on every single one of my posts. Oh wait, yes I do because you’re making that your mission tonight.

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