You guys want a real post? Too bad. I’m feeling woefully uninspired and lazy and not really up to par so this is what ya get. I have a whole bunch of built up rants in me, but I’m just letting them simmer and then they’ll melt away and all will be well with the world and nobody will have had to listen to me whine.

I will say this however; some people are royally pissing me off right now.

10 thoughts on “What?

  1. Megs- I know you didn’t. It’s none of my regular readers (that I know of) or commenters. Just people ignoring me and being bitchy for something that really has little to do with me.

    Marie- People suck.

  2. Prince Harry (aka Brian)- You don’t piss me off. You drive me crazy, but that’s okay. It’s why I like you.

    Caryn- Meh, they’re fine. It’s just the way people are sometimes, I guess.

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