Once Upon A Time…

… in the land of Woodinville, there lived two fun-loving chicks. That would be myself and my best friend Jacquee. We liked to spend tons of time at Jacquee’s house doing absolutely nothing for hours on end, but Jacquee’s step-father was a major prick and we found ourselves having to find other places to be so as to avoid him.

One day, Jacquee found a gas card in her step-fathers name and hatched a grand scheme all on her own. I had nothing to do with it, I swear. She decided it would be a great idea to rack up massive charges on the card and make him pay for it. By this time, her mother and evil step-dad were seperating, so he wasn’t living at the house and Jacquee figured her mother would be pleased that she got back at him in such a devious way.

Jacquee bought gas for all of her friends. She bought cartons of cigarettes and if she needed a snack or a drink, off she went to the gas station to charge it.

Halloween day, Jacquee and I were hanging out at her house, laughing about something or other and in walks Jacquee’s mother, all dressed up as the evil queen from the Disney version of Snow White. We joked with her for a bit as she opened up the mail.

Suddenly, the Evil Queen paused mid-sentence and asked Jacquee in the scariest, calmest voice I’d heard in a looong time, “Jacquee? Do you know anything about the Shell card?”

Jacquee froze and panicked and denied all charges, fleeing up the stairs followed by her mother, dressed as the Evil Queen, screaming at the top of her lungs, “Do you know what you’ve done!?!”

The bill was something just over $700. And it turns out it was Sandy’s (Jacquee’s mom) and Perry (the evil step-dad) only had a card in his name.


The End.

10 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time…

  1. Megs- Yes. πŸ™‚

    Carly- To be completely honest, I can’t remember. I know jacquee was told that she’d have to, but I don’t think she actually ever did.

    Caryn- I think I slunk out of the house shortly after to let them deal with it. I’m fortunate that nothing was purchased for me or by me on the card so I really was just an innocent bystander!

    Toni- Yes, the funniest part was that her mom was dressed as the evil queen the whole time she’s screaming and yelling.

    Brian- I’m sorry. I’ve been… I dunno… maybe I OD’d on the internet or something. I’m around, just not as much.

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