#7 – Stan

I met Stan at my college orientation and then bumped into him periodically on campus throughout our first year. Our second year, he ran into me again and got my number. He happened to call the day after I spent the night in the hospital and I was feeling oh-so-vulnerable. He came over bearing The Maltese Falcon, his guitar, and soup. He sang me songs and kissed me gently on the cheek. We had a few movie dates after that until he suddenly stopped calling. His reason? He realized that I wasn’t going to sleep with him anytime soon. He called me on false advertising because I collected pictures of people in passion (kissing, etc) and collaged them on my walls. He didn’t understand the differences between love, passion, and fucking.


5 thoughts on “#7 – Stan

  1. Oh, wow. False advertising? That’s ridiculous! He probably figured that if your vulnerable self wouldn’t break down in the face of his movie, guitar, and soup formula, then it wouldn’t happen at all. Sore loser.

  2. Caryn- Yeah, it was weird, too, because he really came off as a nice guy. He loved Humphrey Bogart, for crying out loud!

    Carly- You know, at times I think that as well, but I know quite a few good men who know the difference. That’s not to say that they don’t look at the same picture as I do and while I see romance and passion, they just see sex, but most of them don’t equate that with the owner of the picture wanting sex with them right there, right now.

    Cassidy- Post and I’ll put you back up. 😛 Dork. No, I just wasn’t sure if you were going to be returning to your blog ever or not. Are you?

    Toni- Yeah. Pretty much.

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