Can't Back Out Now

Well, it’s done. I’m officially signed up for The 3 Day Walk for breast cancer.

I’m excited, terrified, nervous, and overwhelmed all at once. It’s a lot of walking, a lot of money to be raised, and a lot of emotional torment. Is it odd that I can’t wait?

So, my friends, be prepared for a barrage of emails requesting donations, as well as invitations to fundraisers or whatever else I come up with.

First request for donations comes right here and right now. I have to raise $2200 in order to be able to walk. It sounds like a ton of money, but if I just get 100 people to donate $22 then I’m there and really, that’s not so hard! Of course, larger donations help me out much more, but I’ll take what you can do! Even $5 gets me that much closer.

You can go to my personal fundraising page here and make a credit card or electronic check payment, or you can contact me for my PayPal information (in the comments or email) and pass some fundage to me that way.

Any and all help is appreciated. I’ll set up a page upon receipt of my first donation to thank and credit all donors with links to your website. If you donate $50 or more and pass me your address, I’ll see if I can’t get something mailed out to you in appreciation.

Once again, if you can donate anything at all, I thank you for doing so. If you’re interested in walking with my sister and I, just head over to the organizations website, here, and let me know so I can let you know what team we’re on.


6 thoughts on “Can't Back Out Now

  1. This is an event dear to my heart – my grandmother had breast cancer and eventually had one breast removed. I think every year that I will be a part of these kinds of thngs but I never do. However I will support you 100% – wait till pay day and then watch the money come rolling in… 🙂

  2. I’m signed up for the “Relay for Life” through the Cdn Cancer Society. Good luck on the walk, maybe we can donate a bit to each other?? 😉

  3. Tracy- Thanks and thanks! i’m looking forward to it.

    Ellen- Thank you so much, darling. You can always venture out and walk with me. 🙂 $90 to register and of course the fundraising minimum, but we can help each other out! Or not. 🙂

    Bex- Absolutely! When and where is the Relay For Life one? I might come out and cheer you on!

  4. We would, but my husband just did something very similar for work and we gave a bunch at the time. He walked and walked and walked from 3am-5am one morning a week or two ago. Good luck with it!

  5. Caryn- No worries. If you change your mind later, I’ll be collecting through mid-August, lots of time! And I appreciate just the kind thoughts and the luck!

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