I'm Baffled

Not uncommon, but that’s not the point.

I’ve been surfing Blog Advance, my favorite traffic exchange, for the last little bit here and I’m noticing an alarming trend.

Why do 50% of BA users have every other traffic exchange’s button and link on their site, but not BA’s? Is BA not good enough for a button?

Meh. It’s just frustrating to not credit the people who got me to your blog in the first place. If you’re not thankful for the view, why should you be thankful for me returning?


9 thoughts on “I'm Baffled

  1. Haha, well said. I was on a similar site ages ago and hardly anyone else bothered to link up the site hosting the link service. *shakes head* Ungrateful bastards!

  2. I noticed that, too.

    I’ve also noticed how quite a few of them have friends who are part of another traffic exchange or two, so it’s almost like they’re scared to show support or whatever.

    Oh, and I saw one blog that spent most of her time reaming us in someone else’s comments — never on her own blog where we’d see it, of course.

  3. Toni- It’s just… rude. And really, supporting the link exchange/traffic exchange site is only going to get more people there and thus, more people viewing your blog. And you absolutely may add my link. I have you bookmarked right now and when I update my links next, I’ll be adding you.

    Marie- It’s one thing if you don’t have any buttons at all, that I get. But when you choose to support every exchange EXCEPT the one? I get pissed off. And I also noticed that about the “friends.” Like our favorite BE person who’s blog I stumbled across in my surfing last night. Run around naked in shoutboxes, whatever, but support BA. Bitch. 🙂

  4. Caryn- Exactly. It’s just… weird. I know that some people are just being bitches about it because they’re BE people and BE people hate BA people… but that’s stupid in and of itself.

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