Uncoordinated? Me? Never.

I bought two different exercise videos so that I could attempt to keep myself exercising on those days when I don’t make it out to the gym. Which uh, happens to have been for the last three weeks. Whoops. Heather, I swear, I will TRY to be there tomorrow.

Anyway. So I put the first one and it’s the Carmen Electra Cardio Striptease video. Sexy, no? Except that I look RETARDED trying to do it. My hips just don’t move that way. Will practice make me get better at it? Perhaps, but I feel stupid practicing.

I decided to try the second video. It’s called Cardio Dance Party. Dance? I like dance. I like to move, I like good music. I couldn’t even do the warm-up moves. Seriously. Step step step knee- okay, got that. Cross-step knee, then cross over the leg and knee and knock yourself over in the process? Okay. Oh wait, you’re supposed to remain standing? Shit.*

So I sat on the couch and I huddled my pillow to me and that’s where my husband found me, twenty minutes later, crying on the couch about how I’m a fat, uncoordinated slob.

Ah, the life that I lead.

*I didn’t really fall over, I’m not that bad.


8 thoughts on “Uncoordinated? Me? Never.

  1. Thanks for the heads up, I just got the Carmen Electra video and it’s coming in the mail soon. 😛

    Kidding aside though, don’t be too hard on yourself. You’ve gotta start somewhere and not everything’s gonna be smooth as silk. I’ve just started doing brisk walks again and my god, I think I’ve actually twisted something on my leg. And that’s just from walking sister!

    Nevertheless, good on you for trying those videos!

  2. Toni- Heh, maybe you’re more coordinated than me? I was told by someone else who has the videos just to keep trying and eventually it’ll come to me. That is if I can get over my disgust with myself!

  3. These make me think of video games that are supposed to make math and grammar fun. They really don’t, though. What I’ve found works best for me is putting in an audio book I really enjoy and getting on my exercise machine or doing toning exerices to it. If you want a website suggestion for some of the toning exercises, just let me know and I can pass it along.

  4. Toni- I know, i know.

    Caryn- Yeah, not so fun. Made me feel like a fool. I have a gym membership and I should be using it, I just thought that dancing might be something fun to do at home. And it would be, if I could do it.

  5. Oh sweetie!!

    I think everyone who isn’t a professional dancer has had a similar experience. When I was 15 and pretty thin and active I bought a “low impart, all floor with advancing to step” should be fun workout video with some famous person on the cover. Five minutes into it I was standing in the middle of the room miming the moves with gestures really trying to figure out how to make my body make those same moves. My sister comes into the room and says – are you supposed to be moving? At that I sat on the couch and we watched in fascination for the next 30 minutes people basically pulling off advanced choreographed dance moves. My mom walked in at some point and asked if it wouldn’t work better off the couch rather than on but then she was mesmerized as well.

    In closing – don’t try again – give away. You got a bad one 😦

    My suggestion – Susan Powter – she’s really annoying so I usually turn up the radio but it gives you lots of options and a really good workout.

  6. Ellen- Susan Powter? Really? My friend Kari became a vegetarian because of Susan Powter and now that’s all I can think of when I hear that name. And I liked that Turbo Jams video (the one that Jacquee had), but it’s expensive.

  7. I just stumbled upon your blog because I was searching for “exercise videos for uncoordinated”. I am SO relieved to know that I’m not the only one who gets frustrated trying to learn the moves! =)Thanks for the laugh, I needed it. Cheers!

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