Word Cloud

I found this site on someone else’s blog earlier today, and was curious to know what words it would come up with for me. This is what my word cloud looks like.

I’m actually considering having a shirt made up after I change some of the words. Like PHP and XHTML and Plugins. I don’t need those words. Is that really vain?


12 thoughts on “Word Cloud

  1. Nothing is too vain, my friend! Expect printing out life-sized artist renderings of yourself and hanging them up around your house. That’s really the vainest of vain that you can be.

  2. I had one of these done once, and I really liked it. Never posted it, though. I thought it was pretty accurate, though I got a few weird words in there, too.

  3. I love it! Except that Clay came up as a (my interpretation) majorly overused word on my blog so I’m going to redo it after I can tone it down a little with his name. (Is that awful??) Then I’ll post it. (What a bitch!!)

  4. Toni- Thanks. I might just do it. We’ll see.

    Rebecca- Noooo, no pictures of my giant face hanging on the walls. Heh. I don’t even really have many pictures of just my husband and I. A few, but not many.

    Caryn- They’re fun. I thought it was pretty neat.

    Carly- I can’t wait to see it!

  5. Thanks for welcoming me to BlogAdvance…aren’t Deb and Jack teh best! They have been most helpful seeing as I am so HTML and computer challenged…and I grew up in the “modern age”…although I do remember when computer screens were just that hideous green font only…ick…
    hope you visit me sometime and leave me some comments!

  6. Sorry I’m sending you another comment..I’m trying to see if I can send my button..this is an experiment..sorry!

  7. Chana- Yes, Deb and Jack are the best. They’re some of my favorite online people. Don’t worry about being HTML challenged, we all are. 🙂 And the images won’t work on my comments. I don’t know why, but I can’t seem to make images available. Plus, you’re using forum (BBC) code and HTML would need to be used to get images to show up here. Again, if it was even possible. No worries about the double commenting. 🙂

    Toni- I’m here. Just… ranty. And weird, I wasn’t getting these comments emailed to me so I had no idea they were here.

    Ronnie- Thanks, I’ll go check it out!

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