A Conversation With Brian and Some Other Crap

Great post title, is it not?

Brian is one of my very best friends. He cracks me up with his really really odd sense of humor. You can view his comments in a lot of my previous posts to get a sense of what he finds funny. Of course, I find it amusing as well, so what can I say?

We were talking in IM the other day and I thought I’d share a snippet of a normal conversation.

Brian says: I can’t see my monitor because my cat is in the way.
Brian says: Move kitty

Courtney says: So I can type mean evil things and you can’t read them?

Brian says: She moved.

Courtney says: Damn.

Brian says: You type mean evil things anyway.

Courtney says: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Okay, so that was so not funny to anyone but me, and MAYBE Brian, but probably not even him. Le sigh.

Anyway, I’m feeling a lot better. I said it in the comments section below, but I’ll say it here, too. It’s so much easier for me to vent on my blog and be whiny here because then I don’t feel like I’m taking up anyone’s time or inconveniencing them. I have real issues with assuming that nobody wants to hear my crap. I know that my friends all say that they’ll be there for me and they’ll listen and I know they mean it, but I go to talk and… I joke. Or blow it off. Which is why you’ll find a lot of angsty posts here. I know that you can just close the page or move on and pretend you never read it, if that’s how you so feel.

I really feel blessed to have the friends that I do, both online and off and yeah, thanks and stuff. It means a lot and I feel much better now.


6 thoughts on “A Conversation With Brian and Some Other Crap

  1. Yeah… I love my weblog, it’s good therapy. Good therapy that, if you’re lucky, answers back! It’s great to hear different people’s perspectives on things that happen in your life.

    And yes, your conversation with Brian sounds funny. 😛

  2. Uhm okay, so here’s what I don’t get…. does he think that typing “move kitty” is going to make the cat move? I mean seriously, it’s not like the cat can read. AND, if the cat COULD read, would it tell Brian all the mean things that you say about him when he’s not looking…. hmmmm. Something to think about.

    Ah Brian, I’ll never forget Halloween and my tendancy to drunk dial! 🙂

    Anyway, you’re welcome and stuff. I’m glad you feel better, and I’m glad that you know that you can’t really fool us when you joke about stuff when you’re really not joking. If that made any sense at all. Anyway, off to be a business woman I go! 🙂

    Love you and talk to you soon.

  3. I don’t have a cat. So there.

    And does she tell you about all the mean things that Courtney is saying about you when you’re not looking? That was really my whole question!!!!

    AND… Brian, you’re the funniest person I know. And we love you. And that’s all.

    Hi Llama! Miss you and love you.

  4. Toni- It is good- cheap- therapy.

    Megs- Brian is definitely one of the funniest people I know. You see that, Brian? You’re a funny man. And miss you and love you, too, Chicken!

    Brian- You really want me to write more about you? I can think of lots of things to share….

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