Sticky Situation

So here’s the scenario. You have friends visiting from about an hour and a half away. They’re supposed to call you when they get about twenty minutes from your home as you know you’re going to be out running errands and you want to ensure that you’re home when they arrive. They neglect to call you at the specified time, for whatever reason (that’s not important), and call you from your parking pass mandatory parking lot. You’re not home.

You fly home and your eye is on the clock as you told them you’d be home in X amount of minutes and you want to be sure you didn’t lie. You arrive home at 6:05, give or take a minute. The time here IS important.

In order to allow your friends to drop off their stuff and get changed before going right back out, you all go upstairs to your apartment together. You get distracted, as are wont to do, and end up staying upstairs for no more than twenty minutes.

You go outside to place the parking pass in your friend’s vehicle except- it’s not there. You check your watch and the time reads 6:25. That’s not physically enough time for a vehicle to have been towed, is it? You don’t think so, so a member of your group calls 911 to report the truck stolen.

While they are on the phone with the police, you decide to call the towing company advertised in the parking lot just to ensure that you’re not reporting a car stolen while it’s sitting in a lot waiting for you. But wait- they have it! In twenty minutes, the pass-less vehicle was spotted and towed.

Furious, you frantically try and reach the building manager so this can be resolved with a minimum of money changing hands. The manager doesn’t answer his main office line, or his emergency phone line. You’re choked, your friends are speechless, still a little numb from the shock of thinking that their precious truck had been stolen.

Finally, you give up on reaching the manager and head down to the yard to pick up the truck. You’re told over the phone you’ll be charged the tow fee plus a $15 storage fee. It’s only about five miles to the yard so you think that this won’t be so bad and maybe not even worth arguing. It’s $115. You argue, but to no avail. You’re told that you have to take it up with your building- who of course is still not answering any calls.

So now it’s been three days and we- because obviously this happened to me (and my friends)- and we’re still out a significant chunk of money to us. We paid it so our friends wouldn’t have to deal with it. Apparently, the truck patrols the lots randomly and just happened to check immediately after we went upstairs- it’s very possible we hadn’t even made it to the apartment yet when he hooked the truck up.

Are we being dumb for even trying to fight this? We called our landlord (he owns our individual apartment, not the building so he has nothing to do with it) just to let him know what happened and he’s completely with us. He said that if we can’t get the money back ourselves that he’ll handle it and he’s a very professional guy- someone you take seriously. He’s high up management working for Bell South. So I guess we just keep fighting… grrrr. What an annoying situation.


4 thoughts on “Sticky Situation

  1. Grrr that’s annoying (although you didn’t have a permit, so it’s in their right to two)…

    Annoying though!

  2. That’s so frustrating and infuriating! Good luck with it, Courtney. Glad your landlord’s on your side, too.

  3. Sounds like New Westminster! I swear that the parking meter readers hide in the bushes around these parts. I am not kidding!

  4. Toni- I know it’s in their right to do so technically, but I’m just mad because it’s not like we didn’t have the pass- we were getting it. Ah well, we’ll see how it works out.

    Caryn- Thanks for the luck. 🙂

    Carly- Fortunately, I’ve never had to park in New West! It’s so obnoxious.

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