Because They Rock

How cool are Marie and The Mad Admin? I posted a request for a custom-made avatar in exchange for some credits and they pulled through for me with some great icons.

Check ’em out! Marie’s is on the left and Mad’s is on the right.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I loved them both so much that I’m using them both at the same time, just in different places. Marie’s over at The Martini Lounge and Mad’s over at Blog Advance.

I love them, guys. Thanks!

7 thoughts on “Because They Rock

  1. Those are great!

    Have I told you already that I love the stick figures? Did you have input into that style? What’s it all about? Or am I looking too deeply into a simple design?

  2. Carly- I love them, too! And the stick figures… they have no special meaning beyond that I adore them and they were made by some guy who’s credited at the bottom of the page. He’s got some really great other stuff on his site- it’s worth taking a look-see. Eventually I want to design my own header, but I’m just not that motivated yet. Plus, it would have to be really cool and I don’t know if I’m that creative.

    The Mad Admin- You know I love it- I like just watching it. You did a fantastic job.

    Caryn- Thanks!

    Marie- It’s gorgeous and I think it looks fabulous in use at the ML.

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