Top Ten Favorite Childhood Toys

I haven’t done a top ten list in a while, so here goes. Toys that I miss playing with from when I was a kid.

(10) Popples. Do you remember those stuffed, brightly colored things? My sister used to turn them into their balls and throw them at each other.

(09) Lite Brights. I loved that thing even though I could never make anything cool without looking at a design.

(08) My Little Ponies. My best friend and I cooked up elaborate stories for our ponies. They lived like humans did in our world. They had love affairs and lived in fancy houses. We had crazy imaginations.

(07) Trolls. Do you remember these particular dolls? The all plastic ones with the tufts of bright hair?

(06) Breyer Horses. I was a big collector and I even went to (geek alert) Breyer Horse Shows. Consequently, I have several horses you couldn’t get anywhere else and are probably worth a decent amount of money. Too bad I took them out of all their boxes. They’re still probably worth something. They’re packed up and in storage now.

(05) Chinese jump rope. I seem to be the only one I know who remembers this particular game so here’s what Wikipedia has to say.

The game is played with a rope (or, more frequently, a string of rubber bands) that has been tied into a circle. Two of the participants face each other, with their feet together, and position the rope around their ankles so that is it taut. The third player then stands between the two sides of the rope and must accomplish a specific series of moves without making an error or pausing.

(04) Glo-Worms. Hard and plastic and difficult to cuddle, but I couldn’t sleep without it.

(03) Lincoln Logs. There wasn’t much to do with them besides stack and stack some more, but I couldn’t get enough of them. I made amazingly tall houses.

(02) Slinkies. And why wouldn’t they EVER go down the stairs the way they were supposed to? They never did, but they were sure fun to toss around and fiddle with. That is, until they became tangled up. Those things were a bitch to straighten out.

(01) Barbies. Of course. Again, my best friend and I were SO into our Barbie stories. Or, I should say, story. We had one storyline and it just kept going and going and going… Embarassingly enough, we actually kept playing with them until we were thirteen or so. Now I’d still like to collect the Marilyn Barbies should I ever manage to find some that aren’t obscenely expensive.

What were your favorite toys growing up?


6 thoughts on “Top Ten Favorite Childhood Toys

  1. You played with a lot of stuff I never had! I did have Barbies and Ponies. The funny thing is, a lot of these toys are back – my son has Lincoln Logs (although I think those are pretty much a classic) and my daughter has My Little Ponies.

    I freakin’ loved the Etch A Sketch. I used to draw lines to cover the entire screen (which cleared all the lead fillings off) so you could see the mechanism behind it and see how it worked!

    I had a Mickey Mouse record player that I loved too. I’d play records, and those story books that had the story read on a 45. It was great.

  2. I used to collect Trolls, and I still would if I could find anywhere that stocks them as extensively as they did back in the day.

    I had tons and tons of Barbies, a heap of Lego and buckets of art supplies, but my favourite toy was a skipping rope — you guys call it a jump rope, I think?

    We’d stretch it across the street during the last days of summer and skip for hours, then pelt one another with water balloons to cool off. That was awesome .. so awesome. I miss being a kid.

  3. Bex- I always got so frustrated with Etch-A-Sketch! I could never make anything pretty. I guess I can’t claim to be an artist. Heh. I had Mousercise! Do you remember that?

    Marie- Do you still have the ones you collected back then? Skipping rope/jump rope- same thing. Being a kid was great- it was so simple then.

  4. Yup, I have all of them, including a baby-doll that has a trolls head and a big mane of purple hair. Smells like baby powder, too.

  5. I so miss being a kid sometimes. I miss naps and peanut butter sandwches with no crusts cut into little triangles and mud pies and bikes and double dutch and chinese jump rope and swinging so high you think that the next time you’ll touch the clouds and playing witches with my sister over a “brew” of mud, berries, twigs, leaves, etc. and and and barbies and making clothes for my barbies and and not having bills and still being excited by getting mail and and…

    and then I think about all the things I like about being an adult. Most days they out number the kid stuff… some days not so much. 🙂

    But I do like the nooky… 🙂

  6. Marie- You could probably take some really cool pictures with the trolls…

    Ellen- I know how you feel. Some days I just want to be young and carefree and other days I’d miss the freedom that comes with adulthood. And I like the nooky, too!

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