More On The Trip Later…

…but I just got my work permit in the mail!!


10 thoughts on “More On The Trip Later…

  1. Toni- Thanks!

    Caryn- Thanks!

    Megs- I’m so happy, too!

    Mad- I am! And I’m thrilled to be getting a job… and a paycheck!

    Marie- Thanks! I know you definitely understand the feeling of papers going through!

    Carly- i have no idea. I’m scouring the ads online right now and I’ve applied so far at JPMorgan Chase and the call center for BC Transit. Something administrative, desk work, I think. Know of anything open? 🙂

  2. I’ll keep you in mind. If I hear anything, I’ll let you know.

    When I read this the second time, I thought ‘Great. Just in time to move to Boise.’ Don’t go just yet.

  3. Do you mind working in a call centre? I might know of an opening and the pay isn’t too bad… email me and I’ll give you the goods!

  4. Carly- Hee, we’re not moving for at least two years. We need to get a down payment for a house set aside and get Derek’s immigration stuff going the other way.

    Bex- I’m actually looking for call center work, so that would be awesome provided it’s not outbound or solicitations or anything. I’m emailing… 🙂

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