Flip Cancer The Bird

Haven’t you always wanted to? Well, my friend has set up a neat idea and I think it would be peachy if you all took a jaunt on over there. The best part? It costs you nothing.

Here’s how it works. You head on over to Flip Cancer The Bird. You take a picture of your finger flipping off cancer. You can show your face or not show your face- that’s your choice.

You submit the picture and boom, he donates 0.50 to cancer. He’s not full of shit, but even if he was, it still costs you nothing. What have you got to lose?

So head on over and send in your picture. Then comment here and let me know so I can go check you out in all your flipping-off-y goodness.

(And if you DO want to donate money, then donate to my walk! I’m still collecting donations and running low on time… go here and give me some love.)


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