Work Work Work

So it’s been just over a week with my work permit and I’m going stir-crazy. More so than when I was waiting for the damn permit in the first place. I have my resume up a couple of places and I keep getting calls from people offering me jobs in fields that I know nothing about and have no interest in. Or that’s commission based. Sorry, folks, but I don’t want to work on commission. That frightens me. Am I being too picky? I doubt it- I’m pretty desperate for work. I just don’t want to be in sales.

This weekend will be wandering the mall and other similar locations actually applying at (insert groan here) retail locations. No bookstores within easy travel range are hiring. That’s the first place I checked when I realized I was desperate enough to do the retail thing again after swearing I was done with part-time grunt work. Not that all retail is bad, it’s just not for me.

I think I’m so frustrated so early because I’ve never had to really actively job hunt. All of my other jobs were conveniently handed to me. I worked in a bookstore my parents got me into when I was 15, just about to turn 16. When that bookstore closed, I naturally shifted to the new, larger bookstore in town. When they didn’t give me enough hours, I stayed on until I found something I liked better- easy enough- a waitressing job at a local cafe that hired me during the interview. Then I went to college and got a job at Sears- one of the small handful of places I applied and when that got old, I applied at T-Mobile, the only other job I was interested in at the time, and got that job. So I’ve been quite fortunate.

In the last week I’ve had three phone calls and one interview and I’ve put in dozens of applications. Bah. It’s driving me nuts.

5 thoughts on “Work Work Work

  1. Have you been leaving resumes with all the places that say they’re not hiring? I’ve done that before, and then suddenly something has opened up and they’ve called me and I’ve gotten the job. Good luck!

  2. Caryn- I haven’t done a lot of retail applying so no, not with places that say they aren’t hiring there. As far as secretarial spots go, the problem is that without finding them online in the classifieds, I don’t know about most of these places.

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