#11 – Justin

Justin was a boy I dated briefly before I went completely batshit crazy. Poor guy, he really saw the worst of me. I met him at a concert where he protected me from the mob threatening to topple me over (I’ve met more than one guy that way, come to think of it…). He had piercings and tattoos, and man was he ever pretty.


5 thoughts on “#11 – Justin

  1. Toni- I’m around. It’s going okay, I’m keeping my fingers crossed- I had an interview that I think went quite well yesterday. I’ll know by Friday if I got the job. Initially I didn’t think I really wanted this job, but would have taken it anyway should I be offered, but after the interview, it might actually be a job I like. So now of course I would *really* like to be given the position. Gah. I’ll know by Friday.

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