No Longer Lost

For anybody who was curious, I know at least Carly was, Ray is no longer lost.

Caryn had hoped that he found someone deserving of him and I’m sad to say that he didn’t. He was sent to Iraq where he was wounded, and two weeks before he came home, the woman he married left him. The bitch.

Fortunately, however, we are back in contact and can become friends. I can return his ring to him! Yay!

Wish him the best and let’s hope that things improve for the poor boy.

6 thoughts on “No Longer Lost

  1. Carly- I haven’t really got a chance to find out. I know he sounded, by the one email we’ve exchanged, very… down. He’s living in Germany, though, so it’s hard to find a time that we can actually connect and sit and talk for a few.

  2. Holy hell. She left him? And here he was wounded in the war and finally coming home? “The bitch” is right.

    And on an entirely different subject, oh Courtney of the myriad plugins, where on earth did you get the one at the bottom of the screen so people can click on the previous/next entry? I have looked all over the WordPress kingdom for such a thing, because I think it would be wonderful, but I can’t find it anywhere. Where, oh where, could it be?

  3. Caryn- She not only left him, but she’s apparently taking him to court for more child support for his two children.

    And there is no plug-in. It came with the template so I’m afraid I can’t be much help with that. 😦

  4. HRMMMMM. Now I’m looking for the template, but I don’t see who designed it. I was thinking of checking that source to see. I’m surprised the designer doesn’t have a credit anywhere.

  5. Caryn- Interesting, I never removed any credit information, I just assumed it was on there somewhere and lef it at that. Anyway, the theme is by this guy and any information should, hopefully, be on his page.

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