#12 – Kashmira

Kashmira was a girl I befriended in the 9th grade. We were the best of friends for our entire freshman year- we were crazy. Kashmira was never worried about what people thought of her and I envied her that. I was also jealous of her waist-long dark hair. We grew apart when we went to different highschools and our lives went in different directions. Last I heard she was travelling somewhere far and exotic on a missionary trip of some variety.


4 thoughts on “#12 – Kashmira

  1. It’s cool that you still get to hear about all these people you knew so long ago. I changed districts in middle school, and I wonder what happened to all my elementary school friends. Because some of my middle school and high school friends moved away during the school year, I don’t know what happened to them, either, though a few of them are on Classmates.com.

  2. Caryn- It’s mostly because of MySpace and because I’m a stubborn girl who doesn’t let go easily. If I lose contact with someone, it’s generally temporary because I fight to keep my relationships intact. Usually. Kashmira got lost in a move somewhere.

  3. Weird that you’ve had trouble finding her. She has quite a unique name, and very pretty too. I moved provinces when I was 13, and although one of my friends found me and we sort of keep in contact, I don’t have much idea of what happened to many of the others (aside from what this one friend has told me)

  4. Bex- That was what I thought too, that it was weird I couldn’t find her. I can find news articles about her father- he’s a fisherman who goes out for long stretches of time and her name is mentioned in the article once or twice, but that’s it. Her last name is unique as well, but still, nothing.

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