Top 10 Things I Found Amusing Today

(10) The woman walking around Surrey dressed in full traditional Indian (from India, not native) garb from head to toe- er- ankle, because on her feet were a pair of bright turquoise Old Navy flip-flops.

(09) The crazy stinky lady at Burger King who was convinced that the cashier had not given her back her correct change of $1.55. Even I could see she had the right amount of change.

(08) That ten minutes after I posted a plea for help with some coding over at Blog Advance, I figured it out myself. That always happens.

(07) An emo kitty cartoon that I found while blog surfing (using Blog Advance, of course). I actually found it several days ago, but every time I see it, it makes me laugh. Ask Meghann.

(06) Comments left on my MySpace account. I love my friends.

(05) That this is turning into a very plug-y post and I didn’t really intend that. I just wanted to post SOMETHING.

(04) My new phone’s ring tone. I haven’t even downloaded anything cool yet, but having my phone ring with techno music amuses me greatly.

(03) Old pictures of me in highschool. Like this one:

(02) The poster Derek made for fundraising for my Breast Cancer Walk. It says, “Save The Boobies.”

(01) That I’m trying to write a post about things that amuse me while I’m really cranky.


16 thoughts on “Top 10 Things I Found Amusing Today

  1. So what friends are leaving you funny myspace comments…. huh, huh, huh? I thought that I was the only funny one in your life… now my feelers are hurt. This relationship is OVER…

    Or not. I heart you Llama. No being cranky (I typed crazy first).

    Talk to you later on today.

  2. Toni- Thanks. 🙂

    Carly- Heh, it did make me smile a bit. Especially that GOOFY picture.

    Megs- You and Sara. 😛 Sara leaves me daily comments, so there. 😛 And you are A funny person in my life. I like to keep lots of funny people around me. They keep me sane. 🙂

  3. you’re not sane. okay, maybe compared to me you’re sane… and maybe compared to all the stupid people in my apartments you are sane… but that’s about it…

    Okay, maybe you’re just sane.

  4. Megs- Ha! See! I’m sane. But so are you- mostly. Just as sane as I am.

    Caryn- They did.

    Megs- Uhm…. maybe.

    Carly- Haha! That’s funny. And I adore pre-K-Fed Britney, so it’s not an insult. Unless you meant post K-Fed in which…. damn. 🙂

  5. The comment about your ring tone made me laugh, because it reminded me of myself. I remember when I got my new phone, I had this rockish techno style ring tone… and every time it rang I got all giddy. Now I have MCR’s “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)” and I start bopping along to it and sing with it every time I get a call.

    …And I wonder why I have no friends.

  6. Jessa- And your comment made me laugh as well! Geeks ‘r’ us. We should start a club. My new rington is Rihanna’s SOS. Which is amusing because Rihanna is the only hip-hop/.r&b/whatever type music that I listen to- I like to claim to have a more rocking type of music likes. Ah well.

  7. Rebecca – Thanks! They’re good filler posts. 🙂

    Megs – I keep meaning to, but by the time I get finished with my other daily shit, I run out of time and energy.

    Toni – I know! I will post soon. I promise. I’ll try tonight. Try.

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