This Post Brought To You By The Color Red

This is supposed to be me:

So it doesn’t really look like me, but you may notice that I have chosen a different hair color than I might usually pick for myself. That’s because I colored my hair, and I have to say, that I freakin’ LOVE it.

It’s a crappy picture of me, but whatever. So my hair is a coppery red with blonde streaks and I’m lovin’ it.

The shitty thing? I was out in the sun today for seriously, no more than an hour (probably less) and now my skin color matches my hair. Gah.


12 thoughts on “This Post Brought To You By The Color Red

  1. Ooh, I love your hair! A gorgeous color, and so shiny! And that sucks about the sunburn. Ouch! Hope it clears up soon, and with none of that annoying peeling.

  2. Megs – I miss you, too, and thanks!

    Rebecca – Thanks, and I know. It’s a wee bit painful!

    Toni – Thanks! Yeah, ouch!

    Ellen – Thanks and I’m going to go with just a good ol’ well done. I’m charred.

    Carly – I love having a new hairstyle and since I’m too chicken to cut it, color it is. And I’m normally pretty good about sunscreen but we were in a rush and I forgot. Sigh.

    Caryn – Thanks! And I hope it doesn’t peel, too. So far, so good… I’m applying aloe like it’s nobody’s business.

  3. So uh… did you get pictures? Cuz I think we got like four or something. We’re really bad at the whole picture taking thing. Oh well.

    And no fair leaving me presents that you know I wouldn’t take while I’m sleeping!!!!

    I had a great time this weekend. Glad we got to see each other. We’ll talk birthdays sometime this week (because yours is 12 days away and mine is 14). WOOT!

  4. Bex – Thanks!

    Megs – I haven’t even looked, actually. But we didn’t do much so what would we have taken pictures of, right? Sitting around on the deck? Do you have the one of me with the wings and the crown? I so want it. đŸ™‚

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