So Close…

I’m less than 24 hours from needing to have all or most of the money in my account for The 3 Day Walk and while I’m close, I’m still $878 short give or take a few dollars.

Here’s my challenge. If you’re coming by the site today, donate $10 (or more if you’re able). You can pay by check or credit card on my personal fundraising page or you can send some fundage via PayPal to courtney.slavin @ (minus the spaces, of course).

I will walk by myself even if my sister doesn’t raise the money she needs. This is all to support breast cancer and as you may or may not know, that’s how my mother passed away eleven years (and a day) ago.

Days like yesterday, the eleven year anniversary of her passing, hit me so hard. I don’t want to have to stay home next weekend. I want to be out walking in support of research to find a cure. Please, help me.

For those who have already donated, I thank you (and doubly thank you for listening to my repeated pleas). If you donate or have already donated and would like a link on my gratitude page- link in the sidebar- don’t hesitate to leave a comment and let me know.

Thank you in advance for all of your support.


3 thoughts on “So Close…

  1. I’m sorry that you didn’t make your goal, Courtney. That really sucks. It also awakens my feelings that the whole set-up is totally unfair. You worked hard to raise a lot of money, you should get something for that. It’s such a shame, but if you try it next year, I promise I’ll support you again.

  2. K so I don’t know where you are…. haven’t heard from you in a while…. hope everything is okay. Call me or something.

  3. Carly- Good news, we actually will make it. 🙂

    Megs- Busy with walk stuff, I’ll be back a lot more after this next week. Things are just hectic right now.

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