Emotional Rollercoaster

This whole week has been so full of ups and downs that I’ve gotten myself worked up into this emotional ball of, well, emotion. Excitement, nerves, grief, rage, intense joy, and a random assortment of other emotions keep erupting in random hiccuping sobs. It’s oh-so-attractive, the puffy eyes and the dripping mascara.

At the end of last week, I was positive that neither my sister nor I would be walking. Each new email I received from the 3 Day just broke my heart and reminded me of how very much I was letting down everybody who donated their hard-earned money.

Then, on Wednesday, my sister received a fundraising idea from a former 3 Day walker. It was an obvious idea and one that I’d had a similar idea to. How simple? Set up a card table, put up some signs and sit outside of a grocery store. (My idea involved purchasing many many bracelets and selling them or “giving” them away with a minimum donation.) We sat there for most of the day Saturday and all Sunday and suddenly we were only $800 away from not just one of us walking, but both of us.

Some of the stories that we heard while sitting outside were just amazing and they really reminded us, again, why we’re doing this. There was a man who lost his wife to breast cancer just three years prior who kept his head down to avoid crying as he put money in our donations bowl. There was a woman who raised her arms in the air and exlaimed that her sister had her last, hopefully successful, round of chemotherapy the week before. Then there was a lady who said, “I’m a survivor. I’ve given enough to cancer,” before walking away.

The most memorable story, however, was Adeline. She came up to our table and said that she was a survivor. She said her daughter did the walk in San Francisco last year and on the first day, she was walking up a hill and felt like she absolutely couldn’t walk any further. It was at that moment that her daughter looked up and the street sign directly in front of her read, “Adeline Street.” It doesn’t get much more amazing than that. She had my sister and I both bawling.

Whew. Tears again. Okay, back to our fundraising problems. How were we going to get the last $800 in four days? I called my father who said that if we could find a way to make it work, that he’d donate another $200. Now we’re only short $600. But would I still be able to register even if we could come up with the remaining amount? Technically the deadline was last Thursday (excepting late check-in that my work schedule wouldn’t allow me to attend). After calling the coaches, they’ve assured me that I can show up early on Friday morning and get some temporary credentials. So we’re good to go on that front.

We’re so close, but still so far on Monday afternoon when Derek calls me. His boss has given him an interest-free loan for the difference. My sister and I are both walking in the walk. (This doesn’t mean we don’t need additional donations- we do- but we have more time to raise it now. Go here to donate using either electronic check or credit card.)

I called my sister today and we’re excited, but even today, two days before the walk, I’m getting a serious lack of enthusiasm from her. She’s freaking out a bit because she just got a new job and if she walks on Friday then she’ll be written up and lose a day of pay. Personally, it would be worth it to me, but I understand her hesitancy and she even missing Friday, she’d still walk Saturday and Sunday. Then another problem comes up. How do we get the Canadian cash we have into a US bank account with enough time to still deposit it into our 3 Day accounts?

I called Kim- that would be my sister- and we have a long, drawn-out, raised voices argument about how to do this. I was trying to explain to her that she has to remember that I’m stuck on this one. I cannot use my checking account or debit card, simply because the site doesn’t accept it. It’s Canadian. I have no choice. However, we can put the money into her account and she can write out a check that we bring with us Friday morning. She still does not understand why she would have to write a check. So we’re doing it another way and I’m just praying to any and all deities that nothing else goes wrong.

I don’t know if I can take it. So here I am. Tired, exhausted, excited, apprehensive, giddy, overwhelmed, awestruck- and so many more things running through me. So excuse me while I burst into tears once again.


5 thoughts on “Emotional Rollercoaster

  1. But the moral of the story is that it’s all worth it, right Courtney? You have worked so hard for this and you have made it happen. You should feel very proud!

  2. Courtney…you have done such an incredible thing raising all this money. The fight between you and your sister will be forgotten by the finish line. So proud of you for doing this!!!

    Nice blog, btw!! It’s been a while since I’ve been here….!!!

  3. Oh, Courtney! You should be so proud of yourself. You’re doing an amazing thing.

    The stories you related had me teary-eyed as well, by the way.

  4. Carly- It was SO worth it! What an amazing experience…

    Cassidy- Thank you- and it was mostly forgotten through the pain. Heh. And thanks, yes, it has been forever! Are you ever going to get yours going again?

    Toni- Thanks, Tones!

    Caryn- Man, I was so close to tears at so many random points throughout the weekend… some happy and some grief-stricken. But it was amazing. I can not even express it.

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