Already A Survivor Controversy

The newest season of Survivor hasn’t even begun and controversy is already present. The opening of the show will divide the contestants into racial groups. In the past, the groups have been divided at random, as selected by the survivors themselves, and by age and sex.

So tell me, how is dividing it by race any more controversial than dividing by age or sex? I don’t think that this was necessarily the smartest thing that CBS could have done (and their recent sponsorship struggle evidences this, but it is hardly something worth making a big fuss over.

In all liklihood, all that this will prove is that no race is superior to any other and the teams will be mixed up within the first few weeks anyway.

Am I under-reacting to this? Is under-reacting a word?


3 thoughts on “Already A Survivor Controversy

  1. seriously, it’s not that big of a deal. like you said, the teams will be mixed up as soon as two people are gone anyway. i think people are making too big a deal about it.

  2. I thought it was a pretty stupid move for CBS. I think it’s more “acceptable” in society to divide people by age and gender than race, which is why I think so many people are in a tizzy.

  3. Megs- That’s what I thought. Glad it’s not just me- I’ll still be watching!

    Toni- I agree that it’s a stupid move, but I think it’s being blow out of proportion. And that’s so lame, but true, that it’s more acceptable to be divided by age and/or gender than by race. Bah. Society sucks sometimes.

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