#15 – Erik

Erik, my sister’s boyfriend, is a manipulative, possibly cheating, scumbag piece of shit. And that’s going easy on him. He hardly speaks to me, doesn’t greet me when I show up at the home he shares with my sister, and makes my sister pay him or buy him dinner for picking me up in Seattle (she hates driving to Seattle- it’s about 20 minutes from their apartment). He’s allowed to go out to all hours of the night, but she is supposed to stay home. He’s a dickwad and I can’t stand him.

4 thoughts on “#15 – Erik

  1. Addition- I wasn’t sure if you were spam or not, but your comment is relevant so… I might be missing something, yeah, but it’s not just me. He doesn’t have many friends outside of my sister and all of her friends can’t stand him either. If it was just me then maybe I could think he’s a nice guy.

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