Spam Queen: Take 2

Why didn’t anybody tell me their comments weren’t coming through? Sheesh.

I turned off Spam Karma for the time being and am going with a different spam filter and we’ll see how that goes. I was able to restore some of the comments- probably a good dozen of them, but if there’s any I missed, I’m sorry.

Let me know if there’s any more problems!


5 thoughts on “Spam Queen: Take 2

  1. I haven’t noticed my comments not coming through, but maybe they didn’t mention it because of your comment moderation note between the comment form and the submission button?

  2. That makes sense–so they’re getting the spam-blocking message but not reporting it. I stopped commenting on one blog altogether because SpamKarma blocked me nearly every time. Then because of the lack of interaction I eventually stopped reading it, too.

  3. Brian- You did! Yay!

    Caryn- That’s true- that came with the template. Maybe I pshould find a way to remove it? Yeah, I removed SpamKarma. The stupid plugin. Gah.

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