Stupid Is As Stupid Does

I walk around my day-to-day life and I think to myself, “You know, Courtney? You’re smarter than a lot of these people. Not all, not even most, but a lot of ’em. You’re one smart cookie.”

Then I open my mouth. And I laugh. Because if I think that I’m smart, then what the hell are the dumb people?

I was at work today and my coworker calls me over by asking, “Courtney, do you have a sec?”

And how do I answer? With the oh-so-witty response, “Sure, I have lots of secs.” Long pause. “Uhm. I have lots of secONDS. SecONDS. Not sex. Did I just say I have lots of sex out loud?”

Good god.

11 thoughts on “Stupid Is As Stupid Does

  1. I actually read this last night. It entertained me so much that I thought of you and your story twice today while I was at work. I’m still laughing…

  2. Mr. Fabulous- …and proud of it! I like your dork post, too!

    Grace- Thanks! And yay for making you laugh!

    Megs- Yes, I am a goon. It makes me special. 🙂

    TMA- I like to think so. Just not to announce it at work!

    kristinaQ- Good! Thanks!

    Carly- Haha! Glad you like it. I felt so silly!

    Lori- I say shit like that alllll the time, too! It’s horrible! I need to remember to THINK before I open my mouth.

  3. i came over here by way of toni’s blog.

    a) i love the layout

    2) i gave a dude at work a hard time when he asked if i had a “couple of secs”, and your story is even better! couldn’t be more perfect.

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