Happy Halloween!

Halloween is a good holiday, but with anything good- I have gripes. Really, who would I be without a good rant?

I was sitting in the mall today waiting to brave the cold on my walk home. Yes, I’m a big baby, and yes, it was freakin’ freezing to me. But anyway. These kids are running around the mall looking cute as all hell in their little costumes and filling up their reflective goodie bags with well, goodies. And they’re adorable.

Then along come the ones that I cannot stand. The ones that push their buddies and/or siblings out of the way to be first in line and who give nasty looks to candy-givers giving candy that falls short of their expectations. The ones who have no regard for normal non-Halloween celebrating people walking the mall. The ones who think that because they’re under the age of 15, they’re entitled to candy. Because you know what? You’re not entitled to it. You’re getting it as a treat so show some fucking gratitude.


So, uh, happy Halloween!


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