I'm Shaking In My Boots- And I'm Not Just Cold

It’s quite frightening to have the next however many years of your life entirely in a strangers hands.

I received a letter from immigration Canada earlier this week and I’m being called in for an interview on November 16th. I either get confirmation of my permanent residence then or, god forbid, I get sent home.



19 thoughts on “I'm Shaking In My Boots- And I'm Not Just Cold

  1. Remember, Rush and Barenaked Ladies are great bands, poutine is fine cuisine, and the three greatest sports are hockey, curling and professional wrestling. That should get you through just fine.

  2. You’ll be fine Courts.

    You will be welcomed with open arms, of this I am sure, because you’ve done everything right.

    Ahhh.. but remember about the poutine k?

  3. I agree, you’ll be fine. Canadians are pushovers for letting people in here…especially nice, honest, hardworking people like you!! And like Carly said, we’ll stand at the border and block you from leaving if you have to go!

  4. I am thinking about you today. I have my fingers crossed.

    I have created a swap for women and men to participate in. It is a cheapy one, yet will be fun.
    Wanna join The Three Pin Shuffle?

  5. Wow, take me long enough to get to the blog again? Sheesh. Onward.

    Mr. Fabulous- I wouldn’t mind going to Florida actually…. one of my best friends is there!

    Toni- Thanks! I firmly believe luck helped.

    Carly- I love that you guys were going to block the border for me! You guys kick ass. And it went really well… post all about it coming right after I respond to all these comments. (I’m so loved.)

    Brian- Heh, when the guy said he was going to ask us three questions, the first thing I thought was of your comment.

    Deb- I remembered the poutine. I hate it, but Canada doesn’t have to know that. 🙂

    Bex- Actually, I was surrounded by non-white people. Not a problem, but I think there was maybe one or two other US citizens in the room of…65 people getting residence?

    Sah Rah!- It was terrifying! But it ended well, so we’re all good.

    Lynn- yes, Maple Leaf forever. And I headed over to your friends site and took a look. Remind me again next week (payday) and I’ll see if I can do anything.

    Dawn- I blame the nerves on my not posting. Totally blaming the nerves.

    Megs- I’ll be back down this weekend, but it’s baby shower stuff. I’ll be in Bellingham Saturday evening to buy a present, but I won’t be there long. 😦

    Lynn again- Thanks for thinking of me! I’m going to pass on the 3 pin shuffle, but what a fun idea… catch me on a 2nd go ’round!

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