Yes, I Broke The Blog

Let’s go over how my night went last night.

9:30 :: Decide to go looking at people’s blogs and realize I need to make some changes to my Now Reading list.

9:45 :: Realize that this annoying error message about having to update WordPress is going to keep on happening until I give in and just do the damn update.

9:50 :: Read the directions, for the third time, on how to upgrade and decide to go for it. I’ve done it once before and didn’t do any blog murdering that time…

10:00 :: Download files. Check. Deactivate plugins. Check. Backup the blog. Check, thank god, check. Upload and overwrite all old files with new ones. Sort of check. Getting some random server disconnect issues, but okay.

10:15 :: Run the upgrade script. Wait. Hang on. Why is it giving me some strange parse error? Is that even English? I think not.

10:20 :: Decide to overwrite all the new files with the old one that oh-so-smart me didn’t delete. Uhm. It’s not working. Seriously, dude, it’s not working. Wait. Why won’t my FTP client even let me open the files? Where the hell is my blog? FUCK. Where the hell is my blog?!?

11:00 :: Still can’t find the blog. Blank page when I open the screen. Fuck shit damnit. Beat my head against the desk.

11:30 :: Checking my CPanel. So… uh… why does it say that I’ve used up all my disk space and I’ve used an obscene amount of, what? Mail space? What mail? You mean I get mail to Really? Well,shit, nobody told me that.

11:45 :: You’ve got to be joking. Over 9500 spam emails? No wonder I was out of disk space! Good lord! I can only delete 20 at a time? Oh man. This is going to take forever.

12:15 :: Miraculously, managed to delete up to 500 at a time so got finished faster than expected. Must remember to keep up with that and not let that overflow again. Alright. Now back to figuring out why I have zero bloggage.

12:30 :: Let’s play with this fantastico thing. Hit this button to upgrade? Wow. It just upgraded. All by itself. Neat!

12:45 :: Damnitall. Still no blog. Template is back, but a fatal error message does not two years worth of posts make. Bursting into tears sounds like a fabulous plan.

1:15 :: I’m all cried out. I have no blog. I have to work in the morning. Fuck this shit and let’s go to bed.

And that was my evening. So my blog was out of order all day long and you know what the fix was? Delete my template and go back to the default template. And it worked. Fixed everything. All that time, all those tears and it was a single button click to repair the damage.

Now four hours later, I think all my customizations except for the quote generator are back in place and I am done screwing with code for the evening. That sucked.

Sometimes I hate the internet. (Just kidding, internet, I love you. Mostly.)


12 thoughts on “Yes, I Broke The Blog

  1. Wow – what a huge fuss! It’s no wonder people hate upgrading their scripts and so many people get hacked. It makes me glad I wrote my own blog script…

  2. And thats why I havent upgraded my WP yet lol. As for your domain mail, get the bad behavior plugin and it’ll stop all that spam, its essentially the spammers cloning your acct sending out garbage.

  3. So if I decide to screw around with my blog and it disappears, you’re the woman I’ll call.

    I didn’t know you’re on WordPress. We need to talk.

    Glad you’re back!

  4. Jem- If I were anywhere near as computer savvy as you are, I’d be doing everything myself. One day I’ll learn, but too much code talk and my eyes start to blur and I start seeing everything with little slashes and question marks and weird acronyms.

    Blueyes- I’ll definitely hook myself up with the BB plug-in. I reactivated askismet, too, so between the two of them I hope I get it all. Now that i know that email addy is there, who knows, maybe I’ll set it up all official-like and actually use it.

    Bex- Really, I only got the blog back by clicking buttons randomly out of frustration. Don’t count on me for that. Heh. And except for the upgrading part, I heart WordPress.

    Mr. Fab- Just back up your blog. I can’t stress enough to back that shit up. And use fantastico from your cpanel. Just click a button and bam- upgraded. Too bad I didn’t see it before I started to do everything manually myself.

  5. Hey the updates usually don’t screw up the blog.

    Just have to make sure you backup the database and the files. Then follow all the instructions.

    99.99% works without a hitch. 0.01% you need your backups.

  6. dawn- I’m not sure why your comments are all getting caught in the spam filter… that’s really weird. Anyway. Glad you liked. πŸ™‚

    Mad- And then there’s my case where everything goes wonky. User error, likely? πŸ™‚

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