A Christmas Toast

A toast to my friends, both online and off, who’ve been with me through this crazy and eventful year. So many things have happened and only the good sticks out in my mind, so I can say nothing less than that this has been a fabulous 365 days.

My best friend got married, pregnant, and had her first-born within the last 12 months. I got my work permit, a job, and my permanent residence. And not only did I get that job by fluke (they called me based on my resume), but it’s turned out to be a job that I absolutely love and I’m actually hopeful that I’ll be promoted within the next three months.

I’ve met some amazing people. People I work with and, most memorably, Carly and Rebecca. I am so blessed to have such fabulous people in my life. Meghann, my friend of several years now, has been a constant. Always there for me when I need her and 2006 has been no exception.

To my family for being family. I love them, sometimes I hate them, sometimes I completely cannot understand them, but they’re my family and I would do anything they ask of me.

So from both Derek and me- to you. Cheers. Have a very merry Christmas!


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