52 Book Project Recap

For 2006 I found that I hadn’t really made any concrete resolutions. About mid-January, I decided that I needed a project and adopted the 52 Book Project. When I’d hit my target by early September, I decided I wanted to step it up and hit 104 books for the year. Sadly, I didn’t meet that goal, but I did round out the year with a completed 88 books.

I’m starting anew this year and I’m starting with the goal of 104 completed books. Rereads will count, though I rarely reread- I’m normally too excited to start the next new book.

Some of the highlights of my 2006 reading were the new authors that I enjoyed. I read a large amount of paranormal books, picking up new authors all along the way.

Mary Janice Davidson is one of my new favorite authors and I’ll gladly buy up any of her new works. She’s snarky, original, and a quick read.

Laurell K. Hamilton was an author that I have mixed feelings about. The beginning or her series starring necromancer Anita Blake were fantastic. The plot was well thought out, the characters were rounded and had both goals and motivation to meet those goals, and the bad guys were increasingly villainous. The series jumped the shark for me at the tail end however when plot was being sacrificed for the sake of sex- and some pretty raunchy sex at that. I’m no prude, but wowee was it intense in some moments. I’ll still read what she puts out and I still recommend the first half of the series, but I’d pick up the last half from a friend or the library.

Jodi Picoult was an author that I finally caved in to. I had heard nothing but raves about her book, My Sister’s Keeper, and recently finished reading it. I have mixed feelings about the book’s ending- which I won’t give away here- but I would certainly recommend it. The book’s premise is fascination and will make you think. Just don’t read the ending in a public place- like, you know, the gym where I read it.

Another one of my favorite new authors this past year was Sherrilyn Kenyon. Another paranormal author, she’s created a fantastical planet with some truly dark and mysterious heroes. She does an excellent job of blending a fantasy world with what we know of the streets today.

Other books of the year were primarily authored by people I were familiar with, but they were no less interesting because of it.

I read several of Janet Evanovich’s earlier works that have been re-released. They were decent, but you could tell they were her earlier work and they didn’t pack quite the same punch as her Stephanie Plum series.

One of the best moments in this year’s reading was the release of my idol’s new release, co-written by Bob Mayer. Jennifer Crusie has long been my favorite author and Don’t Look Down as well as her contribution to the anthology Santa Baby kept her firmly at the top of my list.

I didn’t get the chance to read everything that I wanted to. I’m still looking forward to enjoying JPod by Douglas Coupland, and I recently picked up a copy of Almost A Goddess by Judi McCoy that I’m itchy to set eyes on.

Here’s to hoping 2007 brings me plenty of good reads and the time to meet my goal of 104 books!


6 thoughts on “52 Book Project Recap

  1. I am so impressed. My results will be posted in the next couple of days. I’ve added a few of your titles here to my “to read” list, but after being spoiled with books over Christmas and my birthday, I’ll have to wait until I’m through those and the ones that I’ve borrowed from friends.

  2. Someone at the bookstore I work at told me I remind her of Stephanie Plum. I didn’t know how to take it…

    Good job on meetint eh 52 books though, next year you’ll hit the 104 easy.

  3. 88 is a world more than I read this year! Good on ya anyway!

    I got a stack of books for Christmas and still have a few borrowed ones I haven’t cracked open yet, so I’m going to be busy for a while!

  4. QueenieCarly- No reason to be impressed, like I posted in your comments, I read primarily fluff- your books have more substance. My friend Heather on the other hand, completed a whopping 211 books! Which books did you add?

    dawn- That’s interesting… I think I’d take it as a compliment. Other than being indecisivie, Stephanie Plum is a pretty fun gal.

    Bex- You have kids, it’s hard to read with children. 🙂 What books didja get? huh? huh? (I love talking books… can you tell?)

  5. Great job! I took up the challenge also, but fell short with only 86 of 104 books read. I’ve stepped it down this year to 100 books – I have 3 Diana Gabaldon’s to read. I would love to see your entire list, I’m always looking for more to read. You can see my book reviews at http://tomeofmind.blogspot.com

  6. Sherry- Thanks for coming by! Are you a Cherry by chance? You seem familiar… if you have no clue what I’m talking about, just ignore me. My entire list is under the Books tab- there’s a link to my 2006 list. This year another one of my goals is to write a mini-review as I read each book as well. We’ll see how that works out!

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