The Post In Which I Reveal My True Freakish Self

Carly tagged me quite some time ago to post some unique things about me that you don’t already know. Let me warn you, I’m a freak. I’ve also probably posted some of these things before, but whatever. Pretend they’re new.

(1) When I drive a stick shift vehicle, I always look out the driver side window when I shift from first to second. I have NO idea why I do this and I can’t seem to stop from doing it- I’ve tried.

(2) I’m a little nutty about my books. When I get a new book I go through a process. First, I run my hands over the covers several times. I call it petting the book. (I warned you that I’m a freak, don’t get all weird on me now.) Then I’ll give it a sniff- nothing like the smell of a new book. Then I read and re-read the back cover. Then I’ll flip through the pages just to look at all the words. Then I set it aside until I’m ready to read it.

(3) My house is an absolute pigsty, but the files on my computer are meticulously and ridiculously organized. Music is sorted by artist, then broken down into album folders. Pictures are organized by year and month and they’re all titled- I hate random numbers for titles. Now if only I was this anal about organization everywhere else…

(4) I have a slight obsession with online poker. I don’t play real money because I have the feeling I’d lose oodles, but I love playing. I’ll play several small tournaments a night and then hit a few play tables. I’m pretty decent at it, too. Well, most nights.

(5) I read magazines from back to front. Cover to cover, just backwards. And I read all the articles- even the boring ones get skimmed. Then they get stuck in a box before being cut up for scrapbooking or collaging, but my point was that I read them backwards. I also get distracted easily, but that’s a whole ‘nother thing.

So what don’t I know about you?


6 thoughts on “The Post In Which I Reveal My True Freakish Self

  1. Oh dear, we have a lot in commmon… much more than I initially thought.

    Magazines? Same.
    Pigsty? Check.

    As for the books, I’m not the same at all. I rarely read the cover at all, but I do fondle it a little at first.

    And as for driving and poker? No thanks to both.

    Great job! Those truly were thoughtful and unique facts. Love it.

  2. Toni- Oh, yes, I know it’s weird. I’ve got two books in front of me that are waiting to be catalogued and I keep checking ’em out in the corner of my eye. Looking at the cover and imagining what’s inside. I think reading it might let me know faster, but it’s fun to think about reading it in the future.

    QueenieCarly- Oh phew, glad I’m not the only one. I absolutely cannot read a magazine from front to back and I don’t know what it is… but I start at the back page and move towards the front.

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