All Jazzed Up

I think Nikki is my new best friend. I’ve had this design kicking around my computer for, hmm, a year or so? I designed it in Photoshop and I was playing with it and I absolutely fell in love with it. (Because I’m a geek and I like to fall in love with my own work.)

Then I tried to code it. A year later, uhm, still hasn’t been coded because, well, I suck at coding. Then I got a random comment from a newbie to the blog so of course I hop on over to check her out and wow, Nikki has an amazing site. It’s clean and nice, and wait, she does her own art? She codes? She freelances? Just email her?! Okay!

So lo and behold, just a short week after emailing her to see if she wanted to give my design a go, she goes above and beyond and whips this out. My original design wasn’t nearly this snazzy, she definitely spruced it up for me!

Here’s what the original looked like: *image lost in the explosion of June 2007*

And she made it fabulous. I’m in love and I’m grateful and I think you all should go commission Nikki because she does amazing work. Thank you!