Let The Good Times Keep Coming

A few years ago I posted about a journal that I keep sporadically. It’s called my Reasons To Be Happy Journal and it’s not much, just a collection of one-liners and inside jokes amongst my friends and I.

The original purpose was for me to have something to pull out when I was feeling my worst and remember all the good times, hence, the reasons to be happy title that seriously needs to change. When the book started, I was a completely different person.

The very first entry reads, “God loves me!” Yes, even the exclamation point. In fact, the first three pages are primarily variations of that very sentiment. He loves me, he loves you, the bible is great, the bible is good, blah blah blah.

If you know me at all now, you know that I’m just not that person anymore. I respect those that are, but uh, so not for me. I was reading through it tonight and I thought that it needs an update. It’s even written in an ugly flowery journal with bible quotes at the bottom of every page.

I took out a much sassier leopard print journal and began re-writing, but three pages in, I stopped. I couldn’t do it. I was losing the handwriting of the friends who had written in it- friends who have long since come and gone. I was losing a whole chunk of my life by cutting out the “god bits.” Besides, it’s a little bit funny to read about me praising how nobody can take my bible away from me. Good lord. No pun intended, large eye roll included.

I think it’s healthy for me to remember how far I’ve come; healthy to remember the places I’ve been and why I’ve left them.

The meaning behind the quotes and jokes may have changed, but they still make me smile so the book is still serving its purpose.

***Reason #147 To Be Happy: ‘Cause we’re sexy chicks. (Added by Kari in 2001)***