A Note To Fellow Bloggers

You and me, we get each other. We both write blogs so we share a certain vanity- that need, that desire for everyone to hear our words and share our interests. I respect that. I get it, I’m that way, too.

Please. Stop. With. The. Automatic. Music.

That has got to be my biggest pet peeve with blogs. I’ll be surfing along my merry way on Blog Advance or battling my blog on Blog Explosion, and I’ll be rocking out to my iTunes when whammo! Your idea of the best song in the universe comes on and, let me tell you, I am not pleased.

All of a sudden your favorite song is overriding MY favorite song. I have no issues with you sharing a clip of your favorite song- but give me the choice of listening to it or not! I’ll watch your video clip if you don’t make it start before I even get to figure out what it is!

So please, I want to read your site. I want to hear what you have to say- I just don’t want to LITERALLY hear it. Turn that shit down. Is it just me or are there things about blogs that bother you more?

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