Babies, Jobs & Women

A working woman fights a battle every day that she is at work. She fights to be respected amongst her peers, she fights to earn the same income as an equally qualified man, and she fights to toe the line between between being assertive and being a bitch. There are, of course, exceptions to all of this, but in general a woman has it rough in the working world.

Now throw becoming a mother into the mix. All of a sudden, her male coworkers see her a mother more than as a coworker. She becomes an incubator with legs. She has to decide when or if to return to work and if she does decide to return, she has to decide when the appropriate time is.

This makes it exceptionally difficult to be female and employed and I can’t help but be really pissed off at how unfair it is. It’s one of the reasons why I’m so torn about having a child right now.

I would love to have a baby. I also love my job. How can I blend the two? I can’t foresee myself wanting to return to work if that means having to let someone else take care of my baby, but at the very same time, I can’t see myself as permanently unemployed. That just doesn’t sit well with me. Not only do we need the second income, but last time I was unemployed, I just about came unhinged. Granted, I didn’t have a small human being to take care of, but the monotony of being bound to the house each and every day just about drove me to commit crime.

How does a woman manage to make the best of both worlds anymore?


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